Bridge Jointing
& Crack Repair

Bridge expansion joints - Thormajoint
With over 1 million linear metres installed in over 50 countries throughout the world, in conditions from arctic to tropical, Thormajoint is engineered for use across all or part of the road deck – including verges and hard shoulders. Ennis Prismo has developed several grades of binder to meet all climatic conditions. Based on more than 20 years experience, there is no other bridge expansion joint that can beat Thormajoint for effectiveness,economy and reliability. A special combination of an elastomer modified BJ200 binder and carefully selected single size BJ stone, provide a strength and flexibility that can accommodate horizontal movements up to +/-40mm.
Key Features:
- Quick installation and easy repair
- No mechanical moving parts
- Reduced noise pollution from vehicles travelling over the joint
- The ability to be surface dressed, to improve skid resistance
- Helps to maintain structural integrity by being watertight
- Adaptability of design to fit installation requirements
- Partial or full installation across carriageways
- Flexibility in all directions, including movement of upto +/-40mm
- Can be used for top-up after resurfacing work, without full replacement

  Crack repair systems
Ennis Prismo’s patented Fibrescreed range of materials and systems offers a selection of solutions to a wide range of pavement and highway defects. Our Fibrescreed range of polymer modified bitumen based sealing compounds are manufactured under strict factory conditions, thus ensuring consistent quality and avoiding operator error, as often experienced with on-site mixing methods. Fibrescreed RC100MTR is BBA HAPAS approved, meaning it is suitable for use in heavily trafficked areas such as major trunk roads and motorways.
Multiseal 40 is a high performance, hot-applied, rubberised bituminous product used to seal and fill cracks and joints in both asphalt and concrete. The material exhibits improved flexibility at low temperatures, while resisting flow during the summer. It complies with European Standard EN14188 for Hot Pour Sealants, and is ideal for sealing horizontal construction, filling pavement cracks in concrete and asphalt roads, runways and thoroughfares.
  Key features:
  - Highly ductile, able to cope with most crack and joint movements
- Unique composition gives the material high load bearing capabilities
- Excellent recovery under varying temperatures
- Impervious to water and salts thus arresting further deterioration
- Fast installation minimizing costly traffic management
- Good skid resistant finish
- Improves ride quality of surface
- Can be installed throughout the year
- Economic and cost effective
  Types of repair

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