Variable Message

  Portable LED Variable Message Signs
- Available in different versions
- As SpeedSignSMD 750 with the signs 60/80/100
- As SpeedSignSMD with all speed indications from 5 - 130 km/h
- As MultiSign BasicLineSMD 750 with 23 defined symbols in 2 colour technique
- As freely configurable MultiSign ProLineSMD 750 in 1 colour, 2 colour and 3 colour technique
- Wide light emitting angle and anti-glare screen
- Good visibility of all signs from nearly every viewing angle also at bright daylight
- Each LED can be selected individually
- Low weight because of aluminium frame, seawater-resistant
- Saves up to 40% energy on conventional technique by light emitting diodes in SMD technique
Optional with
- NiNa Nissen Navigation System for controlling and monitoring the variable message sign
- NiNa Traffic Queue Warning System
- Speed sensor
- Power supply by solar
  LED Information Board
- Photometric values tested according to EN 12966
- For mobile or stationary use
- Various possibilities of mounting, e.g. tubular poles or cranes
- Available in 2- or 4 colour technique
- Free programming of texts and symbols
- Each LED can be selected individually
- Good visibility at daylight
- Long lifetime of the LED
- Continuous automatic or manual day/night adaptation
- Very long operating times with rechargeable batteries, due to optimised power supply of the LED
- Available with remote control cable or radio/cable
Optional with
- NiNa Nissen Navigation System for controlling and monitoring the variable message sign
- NiNa Traffic Queue Warning System
- Power supply by solar panel
- Fuel cell system
- Other versions on request
  LED Variable Message Sign WeNiPol II
for mounting on vehicles

- Indication of all current traffic signs, lane change symbols and texts, also dynamic
- Assembly of the WeNiPol II ProLine with up to four colours possible
- Possibility of indicating a text blinking or alternating with symbols
- Also available with integrated yellow or blue LED advance warning lamps
- High daytime visibility of all signs, texts and symbols due to anti-glare screen, no phantom light
- Stainless steel frame with central motor-driven lifting/lowering device (protected design)
- Window protected when sign is lowered
- Maximum speed in lifted position up to 80 km/h, in lowered position up to 160 km/h
- Optional with GPS speed sensor for automatic lowering when the maximum speed is exceeded
- Remote control with LCD display for cable or radio/cable operation

We offer a wide range of variable message signs and combinations.
Please call us, we will be glad to advise you.

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