Temporary mobile barrierĀ 

  Temporary mobile barrier made of galvanized steel for the marking and protection of road work zones. Containment level T1, T2 and T3 according to the European Norm EN 1317-2. MINI GUARD is a mobile safety system, designed for the protection of road work zones and highly risky work areas. MINI GUARD is a safety crash barrier that protects both road workers and road users in highly dangerous areas, safely diverging the traffic flow towards the most suitable direction. MINI GUARD is certified according to the European Norm 1317-2 and delivers the highest containment performance T1, T2 and T3 level. The barrier is not anchored to the ground except for the terminals; the installation can be done very quickly with a very short interruption of the traffic flow and the utmost saving on laying costs: a team of professional workers can install up to 3000 m of barrier per day. MINI-GUARD only takes 50cm of carriageway and allows for a remarkable saving of road space compared to standard barriers. The foot of the barrier can be driven over and also fitted with horizontal markings, thus providing an ideal solution where road space is limited. MINI-GUARD is simply placed on the ground and anchored at the beginning and the end of the barrier. A team of 3-4 workers can install up to 3000 m per day. The installation is carried out by simply placing one module after the other. MINI-GUARD can be supplied already fitted with reflectors on the top or on the base.
Technical details
Containment Level T1 T2 T3
Working Width W3 W6 W6
Anchorage of terminals No No Si
System lenght 1.500 mm    
System height 505 mm    
System width 500 mm    
Weight of single element 60 kg    

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