Certificate ISO
Quality Policy    

Meeting the quality requirements of products and services that we supply to our customers, constantly improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, selecting the best technologies, complying our products with the requirements of the standards in force are the main targets we pursue to achieve the highest possible levels of product quality, customer service and safety in our working environment; our strategic tools to achieve excellence in all the activities of our company. In order to pursue such goal we are committed to implement our Quality System according to UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 at each level of our organization. Planning every single details to meet each and every requirement of ISO 9001 is our commitment to continuously improve the quality level of the products and services that we offer. Our main goals are to attain and maintain the utmost level of customer satisfaction, risk prevention and health-and-safety at work.

Our main targets and goals are:

  • To improve quality awareness of all employees and fieldworkers, by planning, promoting and implementing specific training courses;
  • To progressively reduce the number of non conformities of products and services;
  • To make aware and stimulate our suppliers to meet the quality requirements as described in our purchase orders;
  • To always check the products on delivery and through all the steps of their conversion in order to reduce the amount of waste and returned goods;
  • To ensure the continuous conformity of our products and services with the requirements of the standards in force;
  • To assess the level of satisfaction of our customers and identify the areas where our performance can be improved;
  • To prevent any possible non conformity of our products/services and to adjust situations that might, even just potentially, lead to non compliances.
  • To optimize the processes and the internal /external interaction in order to reduce the number of possible problems caused by late or poor communication.
  • To periodically carry out internal audits in order to monitor the compliance of our Quality System with the requirements of the Standard UNI EN ISO 9001-2008.
  • To analyze our market in order to possibly enlarge our product range and provide our customers with more quality and pricing options.

In order to support our Quality Policy we have drawn up a Quality Manual with procedures, operating instructions and registrations that define structures, correlations, organizations, management methods and responsibilities related to the implementation of our Quality System. We are committed to support all our staff in developing, managing and maintaining our Quality System and to make all our resources available to achieve such goal.

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