Technical Road
Marking Testing

  Road markings are an integral part of road safety, providing motorists with guidance for the route ahead as well as warnings and information on prohibition and segregation. In daylight, the visual performance of a road marking is measured by its luminance (how well it contrasts with the surface on to which it is applied). At night this performance is measured by retroreflectivity (how well the marking reflects light from a cars headlights back towards the driver). High levels of luminance and retro-reflectivity are essential in order to ensure road markings provide the appropriate assistance to drivers. In recognition of the importance of this performance, Ennis Prismo operates an advanced technical testing service for road markings. The service measures the retroreflectivity and luminance of any road marking. It can be used to ensure newly laid markings adhere to the appropriate standards, measure a markings retroreflective life, and also to identify markings that need refreshing/replacing. Using the Ennis Prismo technical testing systems helps to ensure road markings perform correctly, making roads safer.
  Assesment System
  Road marking monitoring methods have historically involved visual inspections and/or the use of hand-held retro-reflectometers. Visual inspections alone provide no quantitative data and will not suffice when approved standards need to be met. Hand-held systems, while accurate, are only suitable for short distances and necessitate lane closures while measurements are being taken. The Ennis Prismo ECODYN™ system offers a high-speed (up to 97kph), mobile service for the survey and evaluation of the day and night-time performance of road markings, in line with EN1436 and TD26/07. Surveys can be carried out in heavy traffic and highlight any noncompliance with specifications. The system enables up to 300km of markings to be tested per day. The results of the ECODYN™ survey are presented in the form of graphs or computer files containing the mean values for contrast and reflectivity over zones of 100m to 1km (see opposite page). The files enable easy identification of areas which fall below the minimum requirement, enabling targeted rather than full refreshment/replacement of markings, ensuring the highest levels of safety and maximising budgets.
  Hand-held Testing
  As well as the vehicle mounted ECODYN™ system, Ennis Prismo offers hand-held road marking surveys with a Zehntner ZRM 1013 machine. As with ECODYN™, these surveys measure day-time luminance and night-time retro-reflectivity, and are ideal for the following applications:
- Surveying short lengths of markings
- In-depth analysis of specific areas
- Testing transverse road markings i.e.
- Surveying areas where traffic management is already in place
- Testing complexing road marking systems/layouts
The Zehntner ZRM 1013 uses the latest intelligent technology incorporated in a lighter, more user-friendly housing. This model enables all environmental conditions to be accounted for, including ambient temperature and relative humidity, in light and dark conditions. The results are in accordance with EN1436 (for RL and Qd) ASTM E1710 (for RL), ASTM E2303 (for Qd) and ASTM 2177 (for RL wet) and are all approved by independent test laboratories. The equipment calibration is to the standard of the Metas Switzerland (No 116-00405) independent accreditation body.

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